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Medium Weaving Loom Kit



Our medium beech wood weaving looms comes with a heddle bar, 2 shuttle sticks, wooden comb, and wooden stick. 100% USER FEEDBACK!

Our medium weaving loom, also known as a tapestry loom is made of 100% authentic BEECH WOOD. Beech wood is known for it's beautiful aesthetic colors and long lasting quality. The weaving loom comes with a heddle bar, two wooden shuttle sticks, weaving comb and stick. Our loom is great for beginners who want to learn a new DIY project or for professional weavers. This weaving loom is also known as a tapestry loom.


- 1 Wood Weaving Loom Frame (35 cm x 40 cm) (14 inches x 16 inches)
- 1 Heddle Bar (Thread Reel)
- 2 Shuttle Sticks
- 1 Wooden Stick (For hanging finished weaving product, see last image)
- 1 Wooden Comb

Add-on option for extra cost: 50g White cotton warping thread

Please contact me if you have any questions. Our weaving looms are one of the hottest selling items on Etsy and we offer them at very low prices.

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