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Craft Boutique - Rustic Wooden Plant Stand with Multiple Cylinder Glass


With it's clever minimalist design, this hydroponic office planter is perfect for displaying your lovely plants on your desk, counter top or shelf. This rustic wooden glass planter comes in two styles; 3 cylinder glasses and 5 cylinder glasses.

Many of your favorite houseplants can be propagated by stem-tip or leaf cuttings. The next time you're pruning your indoor plants, save some of your cuttings and place them into this glass terrarium.

This propagation station makes the perfect gift!


5 Cylinder Style : Height: 5 inches / Length: 8.75 inches / Width 2 inches
3 Cylinder Style : Height: 5 inches / Length: 6 inches / Width 2 inches
Glass Cylinder: 6.5 Inches Tall

Please note plant is not included.