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Craft Boutique - Wooden Umbrella Yarn Swift For Yarn Winding



Our high quality wooden umbrella yarn winder is the perfect gift and helps you keep your yarn untangled and creates smooth skeins of wool. with this wooden umbrella swift yarn winder which has a sturdy, adjustable table clamp. The super lightweight swift only weighs 740 grams or 1.6 pounds. The umbrella also folds down for perfect storage.

HIGH QUALITY: Made With 100% natural wood so it is extremely durable.

EASY ROTATION: The yarn swift winder has a smooth and easy rotation so that it provides a squeak free experience. It also allows the yarn to be wound into a ball in the quickest time possible.

PROFESSIONAL FINISH: The highly sanded wooden swift is safe for your family with no added chemicals. The smooth finish also prevents the yarn from snagging.

Strong Clamp: This ultimate knitting accessory is made with a sturdy wooden clamp that will fit almost all every day objects such as tables, chairs and desks. This keeps the yarn swift from moving so you can concentrate on winding the yarn into a ball.


Size : 72cm x 63cm (When opened)

• Size: medium : 55 cm height

• Construction: wood


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